Beading classes and crafts

Thank you for your interest in beading courses and for visiting our site.

pearl courses

In our shop in the Europa Passage we offer due to shortage
Unfortunately, no more courses since 2018. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer courses at your home either, because we are actually focused on operations in the store.

However, if you need beads & co. for this, we will be happy to put together sets for you. Feel free to drop by the shop or send us an email with your topic, request and budget.

We have put together helpful instruction videos and inspiration on our YouTube channel.

>> NUENA on Youtube <<

Crafts on site

Unfortunately, we had to stop doing handicrafts on site during the pandemic. During ongoing operations, we then decided not to reintroduce the crafting opportunity on site and to use the space for even more jewellery, beads & more.

You can place the pieces of jewelry on prepared boards in the shop and put them together as usual and take them with you, but you can also have us assemble them (usually within 30 minutes).

If you have any further questions, you can reach us via this contact form --> Contact