Normalität mit 2 Kindern

Normal with 2 children

Normality is slowly returning to us.

If you can achieve that with 2 small children 😅

Our little one has been sick since Monday and the work is done alternately in every free minute. On such days you realize how difficult it can be for both parents to be independent with children. But the beautiful, less strenuous days are coming again. Of course, your thoughts are still on the Ukraine war and we continue to help in the background, but to a healthy extent.

You shouldn't have a guilty conscience about enjoying things again or doing something good for yourself. Something is always bothering you, at least for us.

But after 2 years of Corona including the struggle for existence and the fight for the shop, we have to look ahead again. That's why we're trying to bring some color into your life.
Make yourself beautiful jewelry that brings joy in great weather.

LG, Yvonne
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